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Art You Can Appreciate Beyond the Nursery

July 28, 2009

Still waiting for the baby’s arrival… She’s now five days past due date. Trying not to let nerves get to me. (Mother to Baby: Please comply!)

To pass the hours I’ve spent gobs of time thinking about ideal nursery–which won’t be happening this year, but doesn’t stop a crazed pregnant lady from dreaming. I would love to surround my children with art. Things that are fun, eye-catching, and which both the children and I can appreciate beyond the nursery years.

Here are five sources for art that fit the bill:

New Editions Art Blue Box Cat by Rebecca Katz Blue Box Cat by Rebecca Katz>

Piddy preserver. Baby Footprint on sale at MOMA.

July 24, 2009


While I’m hesitant to push a product that advertises itself as being made of phenolic foam–this really is quite cool and unless you have three teeth, call yourself Marleeeeen Jo and are balancing a cheeseburger, baby, and cigarette, I think it’s highly unlikely that you will be smooshing your child’s pudgy little cheeks or lips into it.  Based on this assumption, I think we can deem this product relatively safe.  The best is that it’s a cheap, quick, sweet, and permanent reminder of those little piddies.

This would make the perfect baby shower gift.  On sale now at MOMA.

Ida Pearle’s ABCs

July 18, 2009

about-idaidapearleJIda Pearle is a New York artist who specializes in cut-paper collages.  I find her childrens work especially appealing.

Her alphabet cards would make a beautiful addition to a nursery.  I’m trying to imagine how exactly to display them…  Hanging from a string (there’s an example of this in Ida’s gallery photos) or perhaps just picking one or two to frame?

You can buy them directly through her website or through The Land of Nod.