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Better than Bare

July 17, 2009

Pregnancy kicked my ass.

My body ballooned.  I gained over 50 lbs and progressed from a size 4 to a Maternity Large and XL in certain brands. (Anyone who thinks the weight gain is grossly unhealthy can go suck it–it’s not the weight gain that was unhealthy, it was my lack of bloody exercise.) I got really irritated with those twentysomething girls, who in response to maternity clothing dilemmas, would randomly post on various threads, “I only spent $150 on maternity clothes,” or “I just borrowed my boyfriend Robb’s t-shirts.”  You girls can go suck it, too.

This was definitely not my situation.  I was living in NY for half of my pregnancy: going out and dressing in a fairly professional manner were important to me.  And the drastic changes in my size meant at least three different trimester/sizes of clothes.  I decided to put comfort before cost and I don’t regret it.  I spent a lot of money on maternity clothes.  I tried this, I tried that.  Anything to feel comfortable and reasonably cute.

If you’re able to avoid it, spending a lot is certainly not an approach I’d advocate.  Here are some of the clothes and stores that I found to be staples.  (more…)