Mommy Immaculata is the divinely conceived public rants musings of a parenting virgin.

Ms. Immaculata is a first-time mother.  She is married to Mr. Immaculata (also a parenting virgin).  They both live in the Pacific Northwest with their recalcitrant poodle.

Ms. Immaculata hopes that any reader unlucky enough to stumble across this blog will understand that the immaculate reference is meant in jest, that she herself could hardly claim immaculate conception, and that she has nothing but respect for those who do choose that option. The “Mommy” portion of the title is meant in a somewhat sneering fashion, because the blog’s author has an irrational dislike for the endearment.

Ms. Immaculata has, at times, a bit of a potty mouth.  Should this offend, it is suggested that said reader might mosey on to something more suitable to his/her taste.

**Gravatar image has been stolen borrowed from Norbert Schaefert and modified a wee.  Apologies up front to Mr. Schaefert as Ms. Immaculata was unable to find out whether or not his images are now part of the public domain.  She will most willingly remove if she is infringing on any copyrights, but would like to say, for the record, that she really, really digs the image.


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